Course Description

Plan your next sales meeting using our online do-it-yourself Questioning Skills Coaching Kit. This kit includes everything a sales manager needs to conduct a skills clinic on Questioning Skills. The duration of this session is 90 minutes, which can be split into two or three shorter sessions if desired. Preview samples here: video, handout, and managers notes

How can this help your sales team? Successful salespeople ask more questions, and better questions, than average sellers. This kit will improve the ability of the sales team to plan and ask great questions that advance the sales process forward. The salespeople will learn the three types of high-gain questions used by successful sales professionals and apply this to a real life sales opportunity.

The Questioning Skills Coaching Kit Handout Includes:
  • How to tailor your questions for different sales situations
  • Three categories of questions to ask
  • A practice session for planning questions for various sales situations
  • Questioning worksheet
The Questioning Skills Coaching Kit Video Includes:
  • Segment 1 teaches an overview of the three types of questions that differentiate successful salespeople from average sellers.
  • Segment 2 teaches high-gain questions that we call Opportunity Questions and includes several examples of good questions to ask.
  • Segment 3 teaches commitment Questions, which are the type of questions that are often overlooked by average sellers.
Purchasing one Coaching Kit provides everything needed to run a highly interactive skill-building session for your entire sales team. Your enrollment lasts 6 months, providing you access to:
  1. Teaching Tips Handout: Learn how to lead an effective sales meeting. The Teaching Tips Handout provides practical advice on how salespeople learn best.
  2. Manager's Outline and Notes: Print your step by step instructions on how to run the meeting.
  3. Participant Handout: Print a handout for each member of your sales team attending the meeting.
  4. Video: Play the video during the sales meeting. You will be instructed to stop and start the video for activities and exercises. You may also choose to preview the video and teach the material yourself without playing the video during the meeting. (Note: Do a test run of the video at the meeting location to test browser access and internet speed.)
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President, Peak Selling, Inc.

Bill McCormick

Bill McCormick is the founder and president of Peak Selling, Inc., a firm specializing in customized sales training and consulting. Bill has over 20 years of experience consulting managers and coaching sales executives and professionals. He is the primary author and developer of Peak Selling's customized sales and management workshops.Prior to founding Peak Selling, he was Vice President of Marketing for an international consulting and training company. Bill was responsible for managing their entire sales and marketing effort, including an international network of licensees, and doubled their sales volume in four years. Prior to that, Bill held positions in sales, sales management, and marketing for a Fortune 25 firm.Bill earned his M.S. degree in Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University and a B.S. degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He also is on the Corporate Education Group (Boston University) 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Teaching Tips, Manager's Outline, and Notes: How to Run a Sales Meeting to Improve Questioning Skills

    • Teaching Tips Handout: Print and read

    • Outline: Planning and Timing Instructions - Print One

    • Manager's Notes: Step by Step Instructions - Print One

  • 2

    Participant Handout: Questioning Skills Coaching Kit

    • Participant Handout: Print One for Each Person Attending Sales Meeting

  • 3

    Video: Questioning Skills Sales Meeting Kit

    • Play Video During the Sales Meeting (Note: Do a test run of your video at the meeting location to test browser access and internet speed.)