Course Description

Plan your next sales meeting using this do-it-yourself Customer Retention and Recovery Coaching Kit. This kit includes everything a sales manager needs to conduct a skill-building session on customer and product retention. The duration of the sales meeting session is 2 hours, which can be split into two or three shorter sessions if desired. Preview samples here: video, handout, and manager's notes

How can this help your sales team? The skills taught will improve the ability of the salespeople to improve customer and product retention, including how to save a wounded customer from leaving. The salespeople will learn practical tips and suggestions to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Instructions are included on how to lead a role play activity designed to help everyone practice and receive feedback on a real life situation.

The Customer Retention and Recovery Handout includes:

  • The three zones of customer satisfaction
  • Questions to ask to measure each customer's satisfaction level
  • Five tips on building customer loyalty and retention
  • Application and role play activity to a real life customer situation
  • How to recover lost customers and prevent wounded customers from leaving

The Customer Retention and Recovery Video includes:

  • Segment 1 teaches the three zones of customer satisfaction, with emphasis on how to achieve service excellence
  • Segment 2 highlights the two core principles of being pro-active and asking the right questions to measure customer satisfaction
  • Segment 3 teaches five practical tips for improving retention, such as how to wow customers.
  • Segment 4 provides guidelines on recovering lost customers and saving wounded customers. from leaving

One Coaching Kit provides everything needed to run a highly interactive skill-building session for your entire sales team. Your enrollment provides access to:

  1. Teaching Tips Handout: Learn how to lead an effective sales meeting. The Teaching Tips Handout provides practical advice on how salespeople learn best.
  2. Manager's Outline and Notes: Print your step by step instructions on how to run the meeting.
  3. Participant Handout: Print a handout for each member of your sales team attending the meeting.
  4. Video: Play the video during the sales meeting. You will be instructed to stop and start the video for activities and exercises. You may also choose to preview the video and teach the material yourself without playing the video during the meeting.
    (Note: Do a test run of the video at the meeting location to test browser access and internet speed.)

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President, Peak Selling, Inc.

Bill McCormick

Bill McCormick is the founder and president of Peak Selling, Inc., a firm specializing in customized sales training and consulting. Bill has over 20 years of experience consulting managers and coaching sales executives and professionals. He is the primary author and developer of Peak Selling's customized sales and management workshops.Prior to founding Peak Selling, he was Vice President of Marketing for an international consulting and training company. Bill was responsible for managing their entire sales and marketing effort, including an international network of licensees, and doubled their sales volume in four years. Prior to that, Bill held positions in sales, sales management, and marketing for a Fortune 25 firm.Bill earned his M.S. degree in Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University and a B.S. degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He also is on the Corporate Education Group (Boston University) [email protected] 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Manager's Outline and Notes: How to Run a Sales Meeting to Improve Customer Retention and Recovery

    • Teaching Tips Handout: Print and read

    • Outline: Planning and Timing Instructions - Print One

    • Manager's Notes: Step by Step Instructions - Print One

  • 2

    Participant Handouts: Customer Retention and Recovery Sales Meeting Kit

    • Participant Handout: Print One for Each Person Attending Sales Meeting

    • Customer Retention Planning Form: Print One for Each Person Attending Sales Meeting

    • Customer Retention Planning Form: Download this Word document and email to participants as reinforcement

  • 3

    Video: Customer Retention and Recovery

    • Play the Video During the Sales Meeting (Note: Do a test run of the video at the meeting location to test browser access and internet speed.)